Are you looking to surprise your guests with a picnic in a stunning setting or somewhere with a panoramic view of the Imperial City? Do you seek to dazzle with a superb candlelit gala dinner in a monastery or a private museum? Have you been dreaming of a wedding against a magical backdrop, pulsing with age-old energy and living culture? If you are looking for a unique experience—a party on the banks of a crystalline lake; a banquet at the top of a sacred mountain; or simply an authentic Incan stonewall to use as the background for your wedding photo—then we are your ideal strategic partner.

We offer unmatched quality in our work on the most innovative offerings in Cusco. We are committed to your dream from the moment you describe it to us until making it a reality, exceeding everything you have imagined and taking your ideas to heights of which you never dreamed. Our Creative Boutique designs tailor-made, elegant experiences and takes on projects small and large, becoming closely involved in their creation, production, and decoration, backed by over twenty years of culinary experience, with results that are sure to surprise even the most demanding clients.

Contact us today so we can help develop your vision. We are waiting to make your dreams come true with our trademark elegance and creativity.