From the bountiful forests and coasts of the Mediterranean to the Andean woodlands and the magical lakes and mighty rivers of our highlands, Incanto is like an Italian traveler who has fallen in love with Peru, merging his culture with our customs, our ingredients, and our special way of life. A relaxed Cusco-style trattoria where families, couples, and groups of friends can gather around a good pasta, a fabulous South American wine, a casual after-dinner chat, and all the hallmarks of Italian-American culture. Italian techniques and local ingredients, together with all the affection and magic that a table with good food has to offer.

Come and explore Italian-Peruvian cooking in its purest form. Start your magic journey at Incanto!


Santa Catalina Angosta 135,
Cusco, Perú


Monday to Sunday
From 11:30 to 23:00 hours.

+51 84 254753

+51 84 254753