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KION peruvian chinese - Cusco restaurants
peruvian chinese

Cantonese cuisine came from China to Peru together with a wave of Chinese immigrants. Ever since the founding of the first Peruvian-Chinese restaurant—or chifa, as they are known locally—in the early 20th century, this cuisine has gained ground and conquered palates throughout Peru, with its personality and warmth making it a favorite among Peruvians and visitors alike. The unending mix of sweet and savory tastes, different textures, and the freshness and flavor contributed by Peruvian cuisine make this a unique culinary proposition, designed to be enjoyed and shared with a close group of friends and family. The KION experience is a journey through Chinese culture in Peru and the transformations it has undergone, making it a delicious culinary attraction for the entire world.

Now KION also has delivery

Come fall in love with Peruvian chifa and its infinite creative possibilities. KION peruvian chinese is sure to delight you!


Calle Triunfo 370, 2nd floor
Cusco, Perú


Monday to Sunday
11:30 hrs. to 23:00 hrs.


+51 84 431862


+51 84 431862, kion@cuscorestaurants.com